Colorful Collective​​​​

Colorful Collective was first conceptualized by a small group of friends, out of a desire to produce a film adaptation of a great novel. This was something we knew couldn't be done unless we established a bona fide production company—thus Colorful Collective was born. We ultimately abandoned that first project because all of us were too busy with school and jobs, and for a time it seemed like the company might disappear. We never completely forgot about it, though, and it was always in the back of our heads. Two years later, another project presented itself, and we decided to make this company a reality after all. Originally our plan was to provide opportunities for students and young professionals to follow their creative dreams. Over time, tat mission has evolved. Our goal now is to give a creative voice to the underrepresented—women, youth, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our Story

What We Do​ 

Colorful Collective is an all-inclusive theater and film production company. In the near future we plan to establish a YouTube channel for film projects. As for theater, we hope to produce a wide variety of works: musical and straight theater, original works and those of known playwrights. We don't believe in limiting ourselves or those we work with to a certain genre or type of art.


Chantelle Krause
Production Manager

Riley Lozano
Theater Project Head

Kamryn Fall
Film Project Head

Creative Staff

Suzanne Krause
Creative Consultant

Matt Urban
Music Consultant/Director